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Based on a company's site criteria,  we research every available vacant property within a given target area. Our search begins at the county courthouse with tax records and tax maps and not just off “for sale” signs posted on properties. Once prospect sites are located we submit contracts for purchase directly to the land owners or through any designated brokers. We contract as principals and negotiate directly with the owners when possible. Our objective is to buy at the lowest cost so we can pass that saving along in the form of a lower lease rate.


Once our Client identifies a specific site we present the approved preliminary site plans to the City to confirm site layouts and identify any potential ordinances or zoning that might conflict with the Client’s  proposed use of the site. Our objective is to minimize design issues for our Client before our Client has to commit to the site. When we deliver a site to our Client it will be properly zoned and platted for the Client’s  intended use.





When potential sites are under contract, we then provide preliminary layouts which we prepare ourselves “in house” based on a company's prototype plans. This is done to assist our Client in evaluating which sites we find that best fit their facility requirements. Site layouts are designed as closely as possible based on Governmental ordinances and/or variance requirements we have pre-identified through prior meetings with city, utility company, highway department and other governmental personnel.


If “off site” infrastructure development is required to make a site build-able, we will provide that construction service prior to delivery of the site to the Client. Our objective is to provide the Client with a developed “pad site” ready for construction of their proposed facility with minimal site development issues.

 A ground lease from Greenway may be an advantage

  • when a company has difficulty finding the right site in the right location;
  • when acquiring the right site requires land assembly from multiple ownerships;
  • when acquiring the right site may require purchase of additional land;

  • when there are underlying infrastructure development issues affecting the project that a company may not care to address in their planned facility construction;

  • when a company prefers to build their own facility rather than enter a “build for lease” arrangement.


Our goal is to provide a site, developed and ready for facility construction, that might not otherwise be readily available in the market where our Client needs to be.



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